New Spark Plugs

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spark plugs lycomingNew Spark Plugs
In troubleshooting a bad magneto check, I have found at least one thing that certainly needed to be addressed – my spark plugs.

After watching a webinar on the subject over at – link here, I learned some interested things about spark plug and their health. After a couple of easy tests, and two bad spark plugs found, I decided to change out the whole group with a fresh set.

spark plugs

The airplane was sporting Champions, but some of the information in the webinar convinced me that Tempest might be a good alternative. So this weekend, I swapped them out.


I put some antiseize on the threads, torqued them to spec, installed the B nuts, and cowled her back up. A quick signoff in my logbook and it’s ready to go (remember my airplane is an experimental so I’m authorized by the FAA to do maintenance on it).


Unfortunately fog had other ideas, so the test hope will have to wait for another day…

by Brent

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