The dirty dozen of aircraft ownership! A simple list of the costs

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The dirty dozen of aircraft ownership! A simple list of the costs
We’ll just be focusing on ownership, not renting. If you fly less than 100 hours a year, renting is almost always more cost-effective, but never as rewarding or convenient as owning your own airplane.  Since a lot of recreational flyers don’t fly much more than 100 hours a year, ownership becomes a ‘want’ more than a ‘need’, but that’s ok.

If you are in a partnership or thinking about it, that’s also not addressed here.


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Hourly Costs

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The point of this list is to make sure when you are window-shopping all the costs associated with ownership are considered.. A J-3 cub drivers’ list is more like 6 items if you own the airplane outright. If you are a Baron owner, I probably missed a couple of expensive items. It’s all relative folks.

I found this funny video on YouTube that makes a good point. Again, it’s not really that bad, but you need to aware of the costs, or purchase a less expensive airplane – period.

I have owned three airplanes in my life with no regrets. If I were forced to sell my RV-8 today, I would immediately scheme a way into something more affordable, all the way down to a powered paraglider if I had to. No excuses not to fly!

by Brent

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