What brought you here? Your journey to General Aviation

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space shuttleWhat brought you here? Your journey to General Aviation
All of us have a different story of how we came to be involved in general aviation.

For some, you are just starting this journey, for others, it has been a life’s quest.

Being involved doesn’t mean you have to be a licensed pilot or to even fly at all. There are all levels of participation and they all matter.

I came upon this path in a pretty conventional way. I wanted to be an astronaut. Born in 1970, I missed the Space Race, but the Space Shuttle was heating up as I was coming of age and that coupled with Sci-Fi really got my juices flowing to go beyond our Earth.


At the time, only a few non-pilots flew into space, so it was a natural progression to see myself as a fighter pilot as a first step towards my end goal. As I peeled back the onion on what it would have meant to be a fighter pilot the excitement of that almost eclipsed the original goal of becoming an astronaut.

All was for naught as my bad eyesight precluded me from flying fighters in the military, so in my late teens I switched gears, although not completely. I thought if I can’t get my thrills pulling 8Gs in an F-16, I can go to work as an airline pilot and buy myself a Pitts Special and get my jollies that way. This was the vision I held in my head for over a decade and that is essentially what happened, although I don’t fly for the airlines; I fly corporate (fractional) and I don’t fly a Pitts; I have an RV-8.

RV-8 and Falcon 2000I never made it to space –  the original goal, but I’m very happy with where my life has taken me thus far. I’m still a huge fan of manned space flight and I continue to dream!

So what brought you to general aviation and has the journey been what you expect? If you are just starting, what’s your plan? We’d love to hear your story. Feel free to put your thoughts in the comments below or send me an email.

by Brent

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