The Last Bush Pilots: A Review

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I have two constants when it comes to my book-reading life. I read anything written by a fellow pilot, but I almost never read non-fiction. In this case I am really glad I broke one of my rules to read Captain Eric Auxier’s novel titled, The Last Bush Pilots.

The funny thing is it’s hard to tell what is real or fiction and isn’t that the best of both worlds? You see Eric has been there and done that; he was an Alaskan Bush Pilot in his youth dreaming of some day making it to the “show.”  Which he ultimately did as he is now gainfully employed at a major airline.


alaskan bush pilots

This book is really engaging and very well written. The character development and story lines simply flow off the pages. And because Eric’s a pilot you don’t have to worry about accuracy of the technical details or things getting too far-fetched – he’s spot on!

While I would love to sit down with Eric over a cold one some day and find out which parts of this novel actually happened, I’m more than satisfied that this book is on my shelf for a re-read someday – yes it’s that good!

The book covers all the bases with just the right amount of flying, drama, romance, and triumph. I wouldn’t be surprised if this didn’t show up in theatre’s some day.

So if you are into flying, you need to click the link below and get yourself a copy by going HERE. It’s really inexpensive and I promise you will enjoy it. 

Eric Auxier

If you want to see more about Cap’n Aux and his work, you have head on over to his very active blog here: The Adventures of Cap’n Aux.

by Brent Owens

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