Virtual Self-Righteous Aviator

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Virtual Self-Righteous Aviator

As a companion article to the Self-Righteous Aviator(SRA), I present to you the Virtual Self-Righteous Aviator (V-SRA).

This particular sub-species of SRA, can usually be found lurking on message boards throughout the Internet as trolls. Their modus operandi is to pounce with impunity on anyone they feel could be a worthy victim. 


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Ironically, many of these folks are both uneducated and/or inexperienced on the topic at hand. They somehow feel empowered to police the Internet of perceived transgressions with no recourse.

Lets face it, it’s pretty easy to hind behind your keyboard and call out folks you’ll never meet from the comfort and anonymity of your own home. These are bottom feeders of the highest order.

So if flying wasn’t inaccessible enough we have these trolls running amuck in cyberspace, scaring off the good guys.

Techniques that I have employed

  • Don’t engage. If a Virtual SRA takes you to task or dresses you down on a forum, resist the temptation to launch a full-scale retaliation. That is just what they want.
  • Show everyone you are the better person and just ignore them or reply in a manner so pollute and respectful as to draw attention to their unprofessional conduct. I have seen threads escalate to the point it was hard to tell who was the victim and who was the troll. Don’t be dragged down to their level.
  • Contact then off-line or via private message. A one-on-one exchange generally reduces them to blithering idiots.
  • Contact a moderator to report repeat offenders. They could get suspended or banned on well-moderated forums.

internet self-righteous aviatorIn conclusion, the V-SRA can be a frustrating, and sometimes dangerous nuisance to your otherwise sedate Internet browsing activities.

Surf with caution.

by Brent

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