Call Sign: Juice

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Odyssey Battery RV_8

I hate to disclose this embarrassing nugget of information, but the confession might cleanse my soul – ok maybe not.

Some background first. If you frequent the blog you’ll know that I fly an RV-8. I love all sorts of airplanes; I am no RV snob, but I gravitated to the Vans designs some years ago and I am proud of my mount.
Th RVs are a large group with over 8000 flying, within that group they are several stereotypes that emerge. One that I fully embrace and that lends itself well to the RV, is the Walty-Mitty-wanna-be-fighter-pilot type. We fly formation, we run in packs (like squadrons), we do aerobatics….and we have call signs – I know ghastly. Some of us even paint our airplanes in warbird themes (guilty) and would be happy to slap some guns or missiles to it and do soldier-of-fortune work in the next third world theatre. I know, it’s bad!
Yes those are inert rockets under the wing.

Yes those are inert rockets under the wing.

In the best tradition of fighter pilots,  most call signs come from a play on your name or maybe a physical trait. Alternately, call signs can come from a mistake that you would have rather kept in confidence. That mistake thus become your brand, emblazoned on your airplane and every piece of flight gear you own. My call sign came from the latter.
It is simple enough. Last year I missed more than one sortie due to a dead battery, the cause of which was my utter incompetence (leaving the master switch ON). Thus my call sign is Juice.
battery switch
After receiving my call sign from my squadron mates, er I mean fellow pilots, I have now scrubbed two more launches due to this malady; the battery weakened by my two previous indiscretions and it finally gave up the ghost at the tender age of two.
$133 dollars lighter, my new battery is setting here waiting to be installed and its owner is waiting on warmer weather, which has been in short supply. Pass the Jeremiah Weed!

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