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aviation blogThis is a fictious story of an average middle-aged guy with a family that also has an affliction – it’s called flying. NOTE: This could be anyone.

Jack is a loving family man. His wife and two kids mean everything to him. But now in his 40s, life is starting to provide more opportunities to chase his dreams; those dreams include becoming a pilot.

Growing up, his uncle flew in the Air Force. So naturally, at family gatherings Jack was always mesmerized by his uncle’s stories about the airplanes, the missions, and the excitement of being a pilot.

Jack decided it was time to learn to fly. His family was very supportive and the costs wouldn’t be that much different from what they spent on their unused boating and golfing expenditures – both of which went bye-bye.

no boats or golf

The training was an awesome experience. In his whole life, Jack couldn’t recall feeling such determination and satisfaction in accomplishing a single objective! The sense of confidence and pride was palpable.

flight training

After training, the real fun began, he was taking up family, friends, and colleagues every chance he got. His flying was split between local and short-to-medium cross countries. He and the wife would fly off on weekends, while the kids where at Grandmas. It was everything he had imagined and more.

All this time he was renting, but he really aspired to own his own airplane someday. Being mechanically inclined, he considered building an airplane as on option, but two years after he got his private pilot license, he bought a nice C-182 and started his instrument training instead. Building would come later.

Being back in the training regiment was fun and challenging, but doing it in his own airplane, it took on a new twist – in a good way.

instrument checkride

A year later he was instrument rated and really feeling good about his skills. He and his  wife could strike out on longer trips with more flexibility. He still likes giving rides to Young Eagles and taking up friends, just for fun. It’s always rewarding to share your passion.

Nowadays Jack will think back to the time that they spent their disposable income on unfulfilling hobbies and when he does, he smiles in a way that anyone could see that he more than satisfied with the tradeoff. Good choice Jack!

Let us spread the word that there may be more Jacks (and Jills) converted to our religion.

by Brent Owens

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