Happy Sixth Month Anniversary: An aviation blog in the first half year

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Today marks the sixth month anniversary of this fine aviation blog.

Here’s some fun facts:
There have been over 40,324 page views, 198 posts, 200+ comments, and 196 subscribers since I began the blog last September (2012). Hey, if you aren’t a subscriber, press here to get signed up.

All along the goal of this blog has been to provide value to aviation enthusiasts of all types. In the process I have learned about subjects that I might not otherwise be exposed; met several new friends; and continue to have a blast with this venue.

The next six months I hope to continue down the same path, but with some additional value-added components. I am continuing to work on the How To Be a Pilot ebook and some other stuff that will hopefully be well received.

Like I have said before, if there is anything I can do that you would find helpful, please let me know. I consider this your aviation blog. Just email me or post it in the comments.
by Brent Owens


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