Sequestration impacts VP Biden – Good!

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sequestration and AirForce 2

According to Aero-New Network, “Air Force II Won’t Be Ferrying The Vice President Home For Weekends. VP Joe Biden says that he’ll once again be taking the train home to Delaware from Washington for the weekends now that the sequester has grounded Air Force II from weekend trips. But he does not seem to be too upset about it.”

I say good! I try to avoid politics on the blog, but I can’t hold back. Our current government has been systematically breaking down one of America’s best industries – general aviation. 
Although, Obama and his cabinet have been particular caustic about us, sequestration turns this into a bipartisan effort. How badly that will hurt general aviation is yet to be determined as it almost impossible to tell fact from fiction with all the political rhetoric being bandied about. 
One thing we have already seen is a swift pull-up by the military, as noted by the VP’s inconvenience of not getting to use his corporate jet for his trip weekend personal trips home to Delaware. The Thunderbirds, Blue Angles and all the demo teams have suspended their performances this year, which will cause wide-spread airshow cancellations since the big jet acts are often the main attraction. So many air show performers and associated support personnel will have to find part-time jobs at Wal-Mart to make ends meet. And all those airshow crowds that might be inspired to fly will retreat to the lakes and golf courses for their Summer entertainment. 
canceled airshow
I get it, if we are too broke to put these birds into the air then fine; we shouldn’t spend money we don’t have. But, I don’t want us using the money to buy cell phones for crackheads either.
Just goes to show you that we need to get some qualified people with some common sense into our elected positions if this country is going stay viable. Nuff said!

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